Carrion Crown

1st Rova

OOC: This is unfinished, so I suggest waiting to read till I’ve managed to put it together in it’s entirety.

I can’t believe it has only been 6 days here and I can barely hold this pen in my hand. This former home of mine seems to have become a den of tragedies I was yet unprepared for.

To start we began to explore Ravengro proper, trying to at least get our bearings on the town you have managed to ensconce us within for the next month. Unfortunately Tekla seemed more apt to bludgeon answers out of Jominda then to actually converse with her and with the Sheriff standing none but 10ft from us outside the door. Suffice it to say we had to dust off before the Sheriff decided it best to burn us in the town square. I remember having to literally heft her off the ground to explain the severity of what she had just done. God that woman is like a mad dog, a wild creature unprepared for the civilized world. I fear she will get us all killed. Luckily I managed to smooth over the whole affair with Jominda later explaining the situation and apologizing for her behavior. Thankfully it succeeded, I’m happy to see that she seems to share your temperament for the bizarre.

We found your stash amongst the graves in the Restlands, unfortunately it nearly killed me in the retrieval, the dead rising to smite us down whilst we explored the graveyard. I thank Desna that Siku managed to find my notes before Poe tried to positive energy me into an early grave. I’m also happy at the Erutaki’s discretion towards the eccentricities of my recovery. After I finally managed to learn what transpired found your stash amongst the mausoleums in the more ancient sections of the graveyard. Now I know you claimed that this tomb was a Pharasmin cache but the design seems to harken to some other group was responsible for it’s construction. Compile this with the relatively new appearance of the various pieces in the tomb I have to assume it was another party. Who were you working with professor and were these people responsible for your demise?

Then we had that night.

I… I still don’t know how to put that event into words. You were there, dressed as I remember you last. But it wasn’t, you were a monster, a creature of pain and torment. Worse was what I could hear you saying, what you were screaming. That moment will burn in my mind forever Petros, and the thought of just wanting to make it stop. It was like I pulled reality to me to wrap you in its silence and I could hear you acquiesce. I thank Desna for Kendra’s episode in that moment, she did not need to see what happened next. You performed amazingly, if anything can be said of that moment. You did everything I asked of you and broke, smashed, and beat every shambling horror and unquiet dead that dared to cross that threshold and threaten everything you held dear.

I… I wish you hadn’t ended on your bed, but maybe that was the best. I feel like if you had to die a second time, it was best that you were allowed to do it in your own bed. I, I’m also thankful that you didn’t survive the battle. I don’t think I could have handled being the hand that laid you to rest the second time. Even when your face was crushed and your eyes dead are little more then dead pools I do not know what it would do to me to toll that death knell again.

But even in this moment that damnable Orc cannot find her humanity! I gave her but the simple task of collecting the other bodies before Kendra awoke and that, that Gu’uaor decided that robbing your corpse would help repay you debt to her! She had you ring in her bloody pocket! I lost it then, I hauled off on her and ripped your funeral possessions out of her thieving hands. I was readying for more and, had Siku not intervened when she did, I would have called all the nightmares and misfortune I could summon in that moment and lay her low. I thank you for calling that little Erutaki along, she has twice kept me from becoming something closer to a corpse then I ever seek to be.



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